A TRURO student has written a play that challenges people’s preconceptions of terrorism in Cornwall.

Greenwood Academy is an original and thought-provoking play that Cormorant Theatre is bringing to life. It’s written and directed by Alex Jones from Truro, originating from a synopsis he wrote on a 10-hour long coach trip.

The theme of the play is terrorism and the stereotypes that surround it. Alex said: “There’s a lot of assumption that it’s by a certain type of person, often for religious reasons and often in big cities. I wanted to bring it closer to home and pose the question of what if that was a load of rubbish and something were to happen right here in Cornwall.”

The local cast has current and former students from Truro College together with students from Truro School as extras.

The play was developed with collective passion and interest from the group collaboration of ideas.

Alex said: “The thing that makes it so individual is the fact that it’s a group of young adults and teenagers that all want to tell the same story and want to give the same message that we are all really passionate about.

“Everybody was so brilliantly up for it, given the fact I wasn’t even showing them a script and was basically selling it to them on the basis of an idea. They were literally putting their faith in me, which was really lovely to have.

“Everyone in Cornwall’s been so supportive, something you might not get in a big city.

“It’s been so rewarding learning on the job. We’re all so proud.

“It’s so rare to have a theatre group start up with a group of people wanting to tell the same story and to get the same message out.”

The play was performed at the Burrell Theatre in Truro and the Poly Theatre in Falmouth last week.