In 2016, British woman, Nazanin Ratcliffe and her baby daughter were arrested in Tehran after a holiday visit to her parents.

Today she remains imprisoned and separated from her daughter and loved ones on charges of espionage, attempting to overthrow the Iranian regime and other ‘secret’ charges.

With the approval and close involvement of Nazanin’s husband Richard Ratcliffe, who is tirelessly campaigning for her release, Nazanin’s harrowing story has been turned into a gripping play called ‘Nazanin’s Story’ by Howell Productions.

Richard Ratcliffe attends and speaks at many of the performances. The play’s script is based on interviews, footage and rare materials provided by Richard Ratcliffe, including three letters from Nazanin which were smuggled to her family.

This is a play that is constantly being updated as Nazanin’s story unfolds so the show is never the same twice.

It has been called “political theatre at its best” by The Independent.

The play is being performed at Redannick Theatre, Truro on October 6.