Having a laugh about mental health and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder doesn’t sound OK, but in a play coming to The Tolmen Centre in Constantine, it’s more than OK, it’s fantastic.

Ridiculusmus are famous nationally and internationally for their ‘seriously funny’ theatre works. Give Me Your Love investigates a real-life research project of giving veterans the street drug ecstasy to liberate their healing.

It makes for thrilling drama with a palpable sense of tension.

The play focuses on a man who cannot cope. He’s too scared to leave the room, or go to Tesco, so he hides inside a cardboard box and fires out one-liners, like bullets.

Described as a cross between a Monty Python sketch and a Beckett play, it is full of sparky Welsh humour blended with a sympathetic portrait of a man unable to deal with the world.

His enemies are cunning, using every trick in the book to mess with his mind.

Informed by the latest scientific research, the play explores the healing potential in altered states of consciousness.

The play is showing on Friday, October 19 at 7.30pm.

To book call 01326 341353 or visit tolmencentre.co.uk.