The musical comedy genius that is Rainer Hersch is playing The Acorn in Penzance on Thursday November 8.

Ever wondered why they made you learn the recorder? Whether playing the triangle is hard? What Mozart stole from ABBA? Why organ music is so boring? Rainer is here to answer those questions and more in his show All Classical Music Explained.

"A classical concert is like sex,” he said, “you don’t know how long it will last, you don’t know what you should be thinking about and it can be embarrassing if you start clapping in the wrong place.”

Rainer is a brilliant stand-up comedian with a funny and clever approach to the tricky and seemingly inpenetrable subject of classical music.

That said, music professors enjoy his work just as much as those who can’t tell a string quartet from a string vest.

The half German, half English comedian has been well received with his parts in Loose Ends and Quote…Unquote on BBC Radio 4 and Classic FM.

The show promises to teach you nothing but it will make you laugh. He has a friendly, interactive which is immediately engaging the audience in a genuinely funny show.

Tickets are £14 on the door.