Internationally acclaimed artist Melanie Smith will be in Helston on Thursday for a screening of two of her films as part of the CAST Film Club series.

Afterwards she will take part in a Q&A in the black box projection space of the building at 3 Penrose Road.

Her work is part of CAST's series of films designed to give audiences in West Cornwall the chance to see

contemporary moving image work by internationally celebrated artists, free of charge with support of Arts Council England.

Born in England in 1965, Melanie Smith moved to Mexico in 1989 after training as a painter and now lives in London.

The two films tomorrow, from 7pm, will be Fordlandia (2014) - which takes its title from a small settlement in the Brazilian part of the Amazon, where the car manufacturer Henry Ford set up a rubber industry in the 1920s but was abandoned 20 years later - and Maria Elena (2018), about a town connected to the oldest salt mine in Chile, founded in 1926 by the Guggenheim brothers.