Jacqueline Haigh & Iain FM Smith present Goddess and My Finest Hour, a double bill of comedy storytelling, at The Old Bakery in Truro on May 26, 7.30pm.

Goddess is based on Jacqueline’s true experiences of working as a receptionist in a Tantric Massage parlour and her quest for the female G-spot.

Directed by the award-winning Alan Short, it is a peek behind the velvet curtain.

Goddess premiered at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2018 and was a hit with audiences and critics alike.

My Finest Hour tells the story of how Iain’s grandfather was a fearless Scottish war hero, whose painting hangs on the walls of Edinburgh castle.

Iain was a shy teen growing up in Gloucestershire with two goats, twenty-seven dogs and awkward hair.

This funny and charming, coming-of-age story reveals how Iain struggled to live up to his prestigious family history and faced his very own enemy on the beach.

Find out more about the shows at www.oldbakerystudios.co.uk/upcoming-events/myfinesthourandgodess