A CORNISH theatre company will perform a story of global catastrophe versus human facetiousness at The Tolmen Centre in Constantine on Saturday.

Off Air is the product of Muffled Scream Theatre Company, who previous play Dark Park delighted audiences in 2017.

In its latest offering, a vision of the near future is presented in which the unthinkable has happened - nuclear conflict has broken out, killing millions in the UK.

In a makeshift recording studio on the Cumbrian coast, survivors Liam, Nathan and Will broadcast their ever-unruly, ever-hopeful pirate radio show to a devastated nation.

But with supplies dwindling and the cold setting in, just how long can ‘Irradio One’ stay on the waves? Long enough to make contact with the outside world?

From writer Joe Welch, Off Air is a story of companionship and frivolity in the face of horror, of a human need for silliness, and of the madness of the mundane in an apocalyptic context.

Muffled Scream is a young, energetic company with a talented cast from Cornwall and London, two of whom have recently won places at prestigious drama schools Bristol Old Vic and London Central.

After Saturday's performance it then plays at The Burrell Theatre, Truro on Saturday, June 8, and The Acorn, Penzance, on Sunday the 9th.

For tickets to the Tolmen Centre call 01326 341353.