I HAVE written to the Packet before about the evil Chinese cat and dog fur trade, where over two million of our best friends are skinned alive each year in order to make fur coats, fur trimming and toy animals.

I am delighted today that the EU has now banned all dog and cat fur. This is a huge victory, as Europe was the main market for this fur. It is a pity they didn't include rabbit fur in this ban, as nearly all rabbit fur is from Chinese farmed rabbits and not a by-product of the meat trade.

I would like to take this opportunity of thanking all your readers who took the trouble to write to their MPs and MEPs. Also all those locals who complained to shop keepers and market stall holders about the horrible real fur toy cats. The speed that these obscene articles left the shelves suggests that they received a lot of complaints. Many of these shops are now selling toy animals made from imitation fur.

Each and every one of you who cared enough to write or complain in person have played their part in bringing about this ban. A little compassion goes a long way.

G Ryan, Bosleake Row, Carn Brea, Pool, Redruth