IT was no real surprise to read in the Packet of November 6 that once again the Premier Inn group have submitted plans for an hotel.

When will they realise that what they want is totally out of order for Falmouth.

As for having just seven parking spaces, do they really think that will be enough? Are they not expecting many people to stay?

I was in Falmouth in June and although I do not own a car anybody can see that parking is a problem in the town and they will only add to that problem.

I object to these plans and say “leave Falmouth as it is and have holiday accommodation provided by local people”; they know and understand what visitors want and like.

On another subject, I totally agree with all your readers over the plans to close public toilets during the week in winter, they need to be open all the time not just at week-ends. It does not take much brain to think how filthy Falmouth will become.

Mrs N Pegden Tadley Hampshire