As you have reported recently, residents from the parish of St Keverne/Coverack have overwhelmingly voiced their opposition to the reopening of Dean Quarry. 

The contention has arisen because of an out-of-county business's plan to engage in a massive industrialisation of a long mothballed quarry for the benefit of a so-called green energy project for Swansea (Tidal Lagoon Swansea Bay).

This ill-conceived plan is going to have an adverse effect on our local economy – largely tourist related with all attendant jobs and services affected. 

Readers hardly need reminding that the advantage of tourism, of course, is its low impact on the environment and a profit centre that returns revenue directly to the community – rather than benefiting companies variously based in Gloucestershire and Wales.

We were therefore heartened to read last week the Prime Minister and Chancellor's statements about their intentions for Cornwall and other regions of the southwest.

Some that seemed particularly relevant were statements made by George Osborne: “There’s the beautiful countryside and coastline that makes this one of the most attractive parts of the UK, and one of the most visited.

There’s the industries that thrive in this landscape – the agriculture, the fishing and the tourism – that are more important here than many places....

“Our long term plan for the south-west is about recognising the value of both its natural beauty and the economic strengths nurtured by the people who live here. It says that we can only have a truly national recovery if we get behind the private sector, put in the transport, support the tourism, the science and the industries of the future....”

Prime Minister David Cameron said: “Our long-term economic plan for the south-west is about making life better for hardworking local people. It involves backing business to create more jobs, improving transport links and building on the region’s strengths to secure a brighter future.”

At last we feel heartened that the government has come to its senses realising that local jobs, local business with profits that go back into the local economy is the way forward.

Wendy Lapides,
St Keverne