My mother is a 90-plus-year-old invalid. A month ago the Liberal Democrat-run county council agreed to subtract £8,000,000 from the social services budget. As a direct result, help is no longer available to those people who live at home and are considered to have the least requirements unless you pay for it yourself.

Last year the Liberal Democrats raised the cost, depending on your savings, of invalid/disability care in your own home from a maximum of £77 per week to £200 per week! A single meal at the Age Concern Day Centre now costs £18. For an extra £10 you can have a bath!

Despite year-on-year council tax increases, the overnight fire service will be ending shortly after the May elections if the Liberal Democrats get their way. The motion has been tabled by them. What cuts are they planning next? In return the Liberal Democrats have voted themselves substantial wage rises and mileage allowances. The tax man allows 40p per mile if you're self-employed. Our councillors agreed to vote themselves 55p per mile!

Also, by denying old people, they are preparing to buy a new computer system and producing a glitzy community newspaper to further promote themselves no doubt. That's what Hitler did! They already have the editor in place. Very democratic!

I am ashamed to admit that I voted Liberal Democrat at the last two local elections. Let's hope on May 3, in the words of the song, "we won't get fooled again!"

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