Can i ask you to imagine, just for a few minutes, what it would be like if, in your home town or village, lets say Budock Water, that plans have just been supported by a council three miles away, whose boundaries fall in the field next to you. And in these four or five fields, on a steep hill, above you, that this same council have agreed it was a good idea to build 150 houses, the third wave of an insipid increase in housing developments in the once green fields on the edge of your home.

Imagine that the 150 houses, concrete and tarmac, will increase the chances of flooding considerably, on an already susceptible valley, and houses and business below.

Imagine the visual impact, as, when you look over the valley you live in, where once there where green fields and trees, there are now no fields or trees, but 150 houses, roads and cars.

Imagine the narrow country road near your home now having to deal with 150 houses worth of cars and associated transport.

Imagine that the local shops, businesses and pubs would possibly have increased trade, if only there was enough parking near your home, but there isn't enough parking, from the already overcrowded roads anyway, so those 150 houses worth of transport will go elsewhere for their goods and services. Creating loss of trade and increased pollution.

Imagine the already stretched public and emergency services having to increasingly use the small road servicing the new 150 house estate.

Imagine this is the third stage of development, with much more planned, that will fill in the remaining green spaces, and radically change the local environment, beyond the Cornish rural environment it has been for hundreds of years, with absolutely no way returning to the identity that is rural Cornwall, becoming just a big faceless suburb, just like every other faceless suburb.

Is this what you want for Cornwall? Is this what you want on your doorstep? Or doesn't it matter to you, because you don't have to see, or deal with, another 150 houses near your home, because it's three miles away.

So just imagine if this development you support was next door to you, would you support it then?