An open letter to Anne Carlisle:

Dear Ms Carlisle

I live harmoniously next door to students, I have had students as lodgers in my home. But when there is an incident I am afraid to say the police response and university response is appalling.

In this age of commissioning and the level of turnover your business makes, then I suggest if you can give yourself a £60,000 pay rise in May then you can commission a response team that can respond with some authority to student accommodation incidents. I would suggest this happens before situations escalate to the levels of what I describe to you in my letter.

I am asking if the university intends to expand and develop then surely you have a duty of care and an obligation under safeguarding to protect the community and the students. I spoke to our lovely student neighbours who were devastated that this party had caused so much upset, they said they had chosen their house BECAUSE it was next to residents so that they could study. They expressed that they had felt local resentment and were ashamed of their fellow students' actions.

Following the sound of breaking glass I got up at 2am to witness students desperately panicking as someone they clearly did not know smashed a glass coffee table all over our road. The number of people in the road (over 50) was so intimidating I was glad that other neighbours had come out to see what was happening. One is over 80 years old and I was frightened for his safety, the other is over 70.

I rang the police as my husband could see a verbal altercation escalating and I believe it would have, had he not suggested everyone calm down and that the party goers realized there were witnesses. In the house witnesses estimated there were nearing a hundred individuals, students and other young people who had been told there was a party, hence the spill out onto the streets. The sound of screaming, laughing and the atmosphere of anxiety from some party participants led me to ring the police. Cars were leaving and arriving with drivers who looked like they were intoxicated and noisy exchanges were being made on the street.

I was unable to stay outside and support my husband as I have a child inside. The police took over an hour to respond and then the party had dissipated into a high level nuisance rather than a dangerous situation. The next day I had an apology and reassurance from the university that the students had been spoken to. I rang the police and asked why they did not respond more quickly and I translate the response to meaning there simply was not anyone in the area.

All of these responses however did not help my household who were exhausted, angry and upset. I had to drive to my work after an hours sleep after 2am, we were exhausted and remained upset and tired until Monday evening which ruined our weekend.

I am pretty sure you enjoyed a good weekend and have sufficient funds that if you were kept up all night you could afford to take a day off work, unfortunately my husband and I do not have that same luxury.

A disappointed and very tired resident of Falmouth

A petition to university chancellor Dawn French asking her to set up a team to crack down on student antisocial behaviour can be found by searching for 'I want a decent nights sleep in Falmouth'