Independents and Liberal Democrats are to retain control of Cornwall Council, they have chosen their leader, deputy leader and chairperson, and it only took them a couple of weeks to decide and to update the council website with photos of the newly elected councillors.

However, in contrast to previous years, the head and shoulders photos on their website in my opinion are not very clear and look like they have been taken from about a mile away. I additionally think the blue backgrounds at first glance give the impression of a Conservative dominated Council.

Do Cornwall Council not really want people to see what their local councillors, or indeed any Cornwall Councillors look like I wonder. Metaphorically speaking they have even managed to cut the top off one councillor's head.

I do wish the new council well and to be lucky, but only hope their vision for the future is a little clearer to all than that of their website photos.

I am wondering if the council photographer is trying to compete with the film makers of Beetle Juice.

Gilly Zella Martin