The Skipper is right to be concerned about the pressures on Treliske but he's firing his canons in the wrong direction. Sarah Newton secured increases for our local NHS so it now receives above the England average. She also secured extra funding for social care - £12 million extra going to Cornwall Council this year alone.

Together with local people Sarah has secured new investment not just in Falmouth Hospital but at Treliske, including new mental health services and facilities.

Each day, there are around three wards of people waiting in Treliske to go home or onto another care setting but can’t. Why, because of the continuing inability of Cornwall Council to work constructively with care providers to enable them to leave hospital safely. Cornwall Council too often pays less than they need to do a good job which in itself is scandalous and owes much to Cornwall Council and its management priorities.

The Liberal Democrat and Independent Councillors are in charge of Cornwall Council - again. They choose how to spend our money and it would be a bonus for the people of Cornwall to have them address the priorities and relieve the pressures on Treliske and the care providers.

Sarah has a very good track record of standing up for Cornwall in Westminster and pressing the Liberal Democrats in charge of Cornwall Council to do the right thing. It is however down to Council Councillors to deliver the joined up service promised – the joined up service that other parts of the country have managed to achieve.

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