I saw in the Falmouth Packet that the hospital beds are back in Falmouth hospital after a refurbishment of the ward carried out by the NHS property services who state they own the hospital.

Falmouth Hospital was given to the people of Falmouth by two men who returned from Africa in 1930 long before the NHS existed.

My husband was born in Falmouth and lived in Falmouth all his life and at no time was any mention of the people selling this asset to the NHS. Many people donated to the hospital and the names are on the wall inside the door.

My husband's mother had an operation there and it costs a lot of money so it seems charges had to be made to pay for the running costs and the money had to be pait to the people running it but unfortunately we don;t have these details.

With all the people coming down here it is very important this hospital is never closed and the site sold. The wait now for hospital appointments is weeks.

If anyone has any information how the hospital changed over to NHS and where the deeds are. They should have been given to Falmouth Council to look after for the people of Falmouth.

Falmouth Packet has my details so any information could be passed on to the editor or in the Packet.

Barbara Boase