Plans for the NHS to reclassify areas including Budock and Mabe could harm Penryn Surgery, and see patients services in Penryn move to Kernick.

How are our senior citizens going to get to Kernick? Buses are now limited. Our chemists and surgery are so helpful and the staff are so wonderful. Our Post Office too is so good, because there's no bank in Penryn now. Penryn can't just become a ghost town.

I was a county, district and town councillor, and mayor, and was proud of our lovely town.

Asda was only granted planning permission with several conditions, and those were: no pharmacy and no Post Office. They tried before but we refused. Let's not ruin our borough, it's lost so much. No more, please.

One councillor said our surgery was a cash cow: what a statement. Maybe he will become a senior citizen and realise our town is important to us, as is our surgery, Post Office and chemists. The friends of the surgery buy a lot of the equipment at the surgery because they haven't got the money.

He must remember that it's the locals who vote for our councillors to represent us and our town.

Lorna Smuda,