Sarah Newton (MP for Truro and Falmouth) bemoans the fact that there was no choice in secondary education when she grew up in Falmouth. ('Westminster Voice' 23 Aug in this paper). There is still no choice in Falmouth. There is one secondary school and one with a newer, more impressive building (funded by the Labour government's Building Schools for the Future programme) in Penryn. Both these schools are rated ‘Good’ by Ofsted. What parents and taxpayers want is a good local school for all our children.

Due to the Conservative government's new curriculum, the chances for schoolchildren to study the arts and technical subjects are shrinking. Art, drama, music, food, textiles, design technology are all sliding off the curriculum. Schools are being forced to take decisions to make cuts and thus reduce ‘choices’ for all. Even in a town such as ours with a renowned arts university. Schools are facing reduced funding and ever increasing targets. I have quoted the website before. It is still showing funding drops of well over £500 per pupil by 2021 for both our local secondary schools. That means (if we are still under this current Conservative government by then) the only 'choice' will be what more to cut.

Jayne Kirkham

Labour Candidate in the June 2017 General Election