Having read the letter in the Packet signed by John Boyle, Alan Richards and Andy Wallis I think one of the main issues they appear to raise is parking availability. I am intrigued as to why the letter writer and its signatories previse a hypothetical lack of parking should the shipyard proposed development go ahead.

My understanding has always been the shipyard does not anyway provide general public parking, only private parking, inclusive of a small designated area for some holiday let tenants.

Porthleven does however host four public car-parks, one of which is free. As someone who regularly uses the Withy Field Community Interest Company owned car-park, I have never found it full during the summer period, and for near enough the whole of the winter I am the only person to park there, probably because during the winter period Kitto's car-park charge is contrastingly lower, at only £1 for 24 hours, which also remains unfilled for a good percentage of time during the winter. I therefore believe with currently four public car-parks, it is myopic to raise parking availability as an obstruction to the shipyard proposed building plans.

Porthleven was my family home and I of course would like it to retain some unique character. However, it has already changed enormously over the last 40 years, and in more recent years with the Shrubberies Hill development, and investment from additional renowned businesses.

I therefore think there is a fine line between intentionally precluding something possibly detrimental to the port, and intentionally precluding something which could open up opportunities for Porthleven to flourish even more so than currently, attract new businesses and secure employment.

I will therefore be interested to see which way this goes. My personal opinion is, providing the proposed building is architecturally aesthetically pleasing, in keeping, and not oversized, then I would support a planning application by Mr Trevor Osborne for a development in the shipyard.

Gilly Zella Martin