An open letter to Cornwall Council development officer Mark Ball

We are writing to complain about all the difficulties we are experiencing due to the building site towards the end of our access road. We are writing to you as you were in contact with us by your letter of 9th November but we should be grateful if you would pass this letter on to the people it concerns.

We are being blocked most days (albeit mostly for short periods) as large lorries load earth and granite and offload bricks. We have enclosed photographs of a lorry offloading bricks for 210 minutes and an extremely large crane which blocked both Packsaddle Hill (Tremoughdale) and our access road from approximately 9am to past 1pm one day.

This blocking of our access road is causing us all real concern and distress. there are three people in our house and six people in the building with three flats next to us. one of these residents is in a wheelchair and the people who come to care for him three or four times each day are being affected. Two people in one flat have regular hospital appointments which are being affected. Three people in the other flat work for the NHS and need regular access.

All our services are affected: Refuse collection, recycling collection, mail delivery, oil delivery etc as well as the delivery and removal of a large skip for us. Also our neighbour in the wheelchair is being badly affected as he can only go in and out along the access road. Let us hope we won't need an ambulance for any of the four of us aged 75 and older as well as the man in the wheelchair. Also the possibility of a fire engine being needed but blocked.

The lorries have damaged Packsaddle Hill road, there are now deep gouges on the corner of the road and gouges opposite the entrance where the lorries need to drive and reverse to go down Packsaddle Hill. However I understand that the builders will repair the road when building is completed.

None of this is the fault of the builders on the site. Once they realised it was an access road they have done their best to try and keep it clear of their cars (mostly parking on a nearby farm) and they constantly clear the road and sweep. They are always polite and respectful, though they tell me they have been subjected to some verbal abuse.

We have lived at our property since we bought it 21 years ago and have always paid our council tax. It is unbelievable that we shoud not be able to freely leave and return to our property.

Dawn and John Draper,

Trewarton House,

Tremough Dale,