Parking for the disabled has been almost totally ignored in Falmouth town centre. The main Post Office does not have disabled parking outside. Therefore people like me and 100% of others cannot use the Post Office for themselves, loss of independence, complete reliance on others for help,, which I do not have. I can't believe I am the only one. We cannot enjoy a meal out, in town, for the same reasons, meaning we are in fact outcasts. Exactly the same happens with the main post office in Penryn. Plus, there are steep steps and no handrails. The absence of Post boxes in Commercial Street Penryn is jaw dropping. One wall box behind a bus shelter, so small, that any card or letter, that isn't oblong in shape. and bigger than shop receipt, has to be bent or crumpled to feed it through the slot. Since the closure of Boslowic Post Office, we disabled have once again become outcasts in our own enviorments and totally isolated. At least there we could park. Now celebratory cards and gifts will be unsent abroad. There is more much more to say, and put right. Will you help?

Patricia Roberts

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