Whilst I love Cornwall and it's people, I hope that all it's many Leavers are beginning to understand the effects of their vote.

We're told about 100,000 less European migrants than usual have come into the UK over the last year, and significant numbers of recent ones have left since the vote. I hope as a result Cornish Out patients who's treatment is delayed because of a lack of medical staff won't be blocking up beds in anybody else's Trusts.

The cost of exiting the EU looks initially as though it'll be in the region of £55bn........£55bn! What an astonishing waste of money! What could that amount achieve if it were put into the NHS, housing or education?

I firmly hope not a penny of my taxes goes into paying for Cornish infrastructure projects which will loose EU funding after Brexit.

If our businesses are going to be stronger after Brexit, why won't the government release the findings of its commission on how they'll fare after we leave? Maybe what it found out is bad news. Maybe it shows that it makes sense, as it always has done, that trading with the countries nearest us is much better for business. Setting up new trading relationships with far away countries like India and China, which only take single figure percentages of our exports is an awful lot of work for very little gain.

And the list goes on. If we end up staying in the single market and customs union, what's been the point of leaving the EU in the first place? Just so as we can give up our say in how they should be governed?There's only a limited amount of fish in the sea with too many fishermen with high tech gear to catch them. The rules, whoever makes them, will have to be strong to stop them being cleaned out. Once out of the EU, they won't go away if fish stocks are to be protected. And if we still end up with nothing to catch who will we blame then?

Sure many Cornish people feel disgruntled and detached from the political establishment in London. The County has maybe more than its fair share of housing and social issues, but it's not the EU that's the problem. The EU brings money and projects in from which we all benefit. It is big corporations shifting factories from the UK that sucks out money and jobs, especially with the uncertainties of Brexit.

Cornwall needs more people, more businesses, more skills and more housing, and by leaving the EU it will get exactly the opposite for all of these.

So I hope that if we get a second chance to reappraise the effects of Leaving, those who voted Out will seriously reconsider how the evidence we have so far will effect them personally and the nation as a whole.

Hamish Wills

By email