I see from the letters page (December 13, 2017) Falmouth Packet that Martin Boslowick has comments to make once more on this subject of building at Menehay Fields.

He seems to be using very dodgy and in some cases inaccurate arguments. Firstly there is no proven need to build on this site as more than enough sites have already been allocated by Cornwall Council for building in the Falmouth/Penryn area and those will more than cover the local housing need.

Secondly if the land is sold then at least £200,000 of the proceeds will not be ‘benefit our community for generations to come’ but will in fact be used to pay off Rugby Club debts incurred when they bought the land in 2011.

This fact was not mentioned when the ‘hundreds of letters of support’ were received. This would yet again appear to be an inaccuracy as there were only 144 letters of support, hardly the hundreds that were quoted in the aforementioned letter! Also not mentioned was the fact that a significant number of these letters of support were mass produced by the applicants, subsequently being distributed by them for signature. This is not exactly a spontaneous outpouring of support by the general public!

It is quite evident that building on this piece of best and most versatile piece of valuable Grade 2 agricultural land is not because the parties concerned have an interest in housing provision but purely financial reasons.

What price the protection of our countryside!

Philip Hart

A Budock Resident.