It appears that having experienced pre-EU Britain I may be one of many that have views that vary somewhat with the sentiments expressed by The Skipper.

Firstly, the requirement for new passports, regardless of colour, was going to happen anyway. Also, further to his comments regarding freedom of movement within the EU. He somehow does not seem to indicate his concerns when he travels to countries outside the EU, where a passport and visa are necessary today. Freedom of movement existed before we joined the EU. He should have canvassed some friends who took holidays, or went on business trips in Europe in the 1950s and 60s.

The world does not begin and end with the EU. I recollect that somehow the UK managed to export and import to Europe and the rest of the world prior to joining.

If a Government and its people have no faith in their common ability to succeed in the future, regardless of club membership, this country is really on its last legs.

Peter Boulton

Mawnan Smith