Regarding last week’s letter from Tommy Bray and his comparing of Truro City and Falmouth Town. Tommy gave the opinion that Falmouth Town got it wrong when they sold their old ground (Ashfield) back in the 1950`s (Where the Park & Float is now).

Nothing could be further from the truth. Having played there for just two seasons, Shell Mex and BP offered to buy it for an oil depot. The offer was very generous with Shell offering to build a new top notch football ground at Bickland as a replacement complete with a 500 seat grandstand and changing rooms the standard of which were of football league standard at that time. As well as paying for the ground, which was previously a part of Harcourt Williams Nurseries, Shell gave Falmouth Town £20,000 on top! What we call today “a no brainer”.

Up to that time Falmouth Town were perpetual strugglers in the South Western League which consisted of many semi professional teams.

The upshot was the immediate arrival of outstanding part time professional footballers mostly with football league experience and domination of Cornish football and non league football up to and including the Bristol area for almost the next half century including reaching the FA Cup 1st round proper on three occasions. Talk about “win win”!

I don`t pretend to know Truro City`s situation but if it can be compared to what Falmouth Town were given they would be fools not to grab this opportunity.

Keith Rashleigh

Ex Chairman. Falmouth Town A.F.C.