I do not recollect that I somehow missed the point regarding the UK leaving the EU. What I did do, was try and point out in as few words as possible, that this country can and will succeed without membership of the Brussels club. A club, that has yet to sign off its accounts, ever. This time I feel I should respond to the points raised, where it appears that they are taken from the “remoaners” hand book.

Christopher Smith, in his view, is quite happy with red tape and bureaucracy. The British people voted no to that. Further did he not notice that we were always isolated within the E.U. it was all to do with money, added to the fact that within Europe we are all competitors, not as he suggests, 27 friends? Talk to the management of Mercedes, Volkswagen, and Fiat etc. Ask the French farmers if they mind losing the British Market.

He should stop listening to Brussels bureaucrats. They are only concerned about their jobs, not ours. The point that 44% of our trade is with member states seems to miss the point that 56% must be elsewhere, and could be greater if it were not for restrictive E.U. trade rules. Also I am concerned that he appears to have taken up French citizenship in supporting Mr Macron. This country will be walking out of the wings, where it has been consigned to by restrictive practices and a poor EU script, on to a world stage that recognises talent.

Then he has to bring up the NHS and public services, once more, probably on page two of the remoaners hand book. A poor argument that is based on project fear, not a management technique that I ever subscribed to. The supposed false lies and promises of Brexit cannot be exposed just yet, because we have not left the club. When the country is on a new path and the benefits start to become apparent maybe, and maybe only then will the remoaners start supporting their own country and its interests instead of their own.

We all had one vote in the referendum, regardless of how it was used. The British people by virtue of a democratic vote decided to leave. It cannot be changed to get your own way. Article 50 has been handed in; we are leaving come what may. The remoaners should buck up and get on with it.

How many people in their own personal lives have changed jobs and struck out on their own to achieve something better? Quite a few, especially the ones with foresight and imagination. This is the people of this country telling the politicians that we can do better.

Peter Boulton

Mawnan Smith