A lovely sunny Sunday afternoon and the gentle buzz of lawnmowers makes one believe summer might finally be here.

Such a shame that nobody at Cornwall Council can hear it, or even look out of an office window in Truro and take shot at what time of year this is.

It's the time of year when the grass grows - and the weeds. Nowhere more so than Falmouth seafront, where the grass and weeds (and brambles, and oilseed rape, are going mad with the imperative to grow, and spread their seed for next year. Do I really have to complain to my councillor (once again) to get it cut back?

The level of said grass and weeds usually gets to about three feet before I crack and berate the poor man about how Cornwall Council services are letting down the ratepayers of Falmouth.

I know there have been cutbacks and there is no money, blah, blah, but this is a town that thrives on tourism and both the visitors and the locals (who pay the wages of the officials who make the policy) deserve better than this. Keep Britain Tidy? Just cut the blooming grass please!

Charlie Hale

Melvill Road