Dear Sirs,

In response to “Dress concerns” in today’s letters.

Does it really matter if some children are wearing cream? Some children are wearing white dresses that cost anything between £60 and £80 pounds, lucky them.

It seems to me that it’s more important to spend what you can afford and that the children whose parents can’t afford to spend a lot of time or money are not made to feel any different than those that can.

As for the the dresses of the young ladies from the Community College, I didn’t see any that I found offensive, they’re young girls not dowdy old woman.

To me Flora Day is a celebration of the end of winter not who can afford a “traditional” outfit.

The comments from the Helstonian has, in my opinion, reinforced my belief that it’s about time Helston updated its traditions.

Personally I much prefer Trevithick Day or Golowan because there is a much more relaxed atmosphere.