After a long time waiting, it looks like we finally have two options for the iconic M&S building, moving forwards. One, luxury flats and a retail unit, the other a co-working innovation hub.

In other words, posh housing for second homeowners or somewhere that everyone in the community can access.

I know which I’d prefer and I’d hedge my bets that the community in Falmouth would agree with me.

Falmouth has put itself on the map as a place where we aren’t afraid to try new things – we are a town of creative and innovative people, driven by the beauty of our hometown.

I firmly believe Falmouth could become a hub for green progressive innovation in industry and showcase some of the incredible small circular economy businesses that are being born in our town and county.

This space could become the focal point we have lacked for a long time in town, that is run by and for the community of Falmouth – think pop up/local business stalls, street food, community spaces for when we can get back to mixing and enjoying each other’s company once more, for families, the arts, community groups and events. It would become one of the many jewels in Falmouth crown.

Or we could just sell the flats to a load of people richer than most locals and lose it as part of our community forever. What would you choose?

Kirstie Edwards