I was interested to read the article concerning the new Holman and Pye yacht ‘Cass’ in the Falmouth Packet of 17 March 2021. The boat looks beautiful, and it is wonderful to finally see her in the water.

However, an important part of the story has been omitted through no fault of the Falmouth Packet. My late father, Vic Angove, was a Traditional Boat Builder and Master Shipwright and was employed by the original owner Barry Cass, to build the boat.

He carried out the lofting, made the moulds, laminated the stem, created the deadwood, stern post and station moulds, made the laminated floors, double-diagonal mould for the lead keel, strip planking, laminated oak frames, etc.

This was the last boat my father worked upon before he had to retire through ill health. My brothers and I were disappointed that our father appears to have been completely air-brushed out of the history of the boat and there was no mention of the work he had carried out for his client.

Most of the team of expert craftsmen who worked on the completion and fitting out of the boat have received public recognition, all except our father who almost singlehanded, created the hull of a most beautiful boat, with the original owner assisting him when he was available to do so.

I very much hope that ‘Cass’ wins the “Best Traditional New Build Sailing Vessel” category in the Classic Boat Awards 2021, but it would have been nice if Dad had got the recognition he deserves, as he was also part of the “team”.

Yours sincerely

Lynne Vosper

Roscarrack Close