'Restaurant bid refused'

Yet another screaming adversarial and quite unnecessary headline relating to a planning matter!

When are the so called 'planners' going to adopt a more conciliatory approach to development and thrash out a mutually acceptable design solution with an applicant before it reaches formal committee stage?

For what purpose does the council employ highly paid 'planners' (sic) - ostensibly with some knowledge of urban design - other than to number-crunch, tick boxes and to fill-in templates?

Similarly, with the out of character walls at the Liner building. Why wasn't 1) the design and appearance of the wall settled at the planning application stage? 2) Why wasn't enforcement action taken sooner?


Why people must vote in referendum to put a stop to unwanted development

If, as Cllr Saunby maintains, there seems to be a breach of what was originally approved, then this fact alone indicates that the county council's planning system is not fit for purpose!

Ergo - when is the public to be informed of the true situation?

Roland Adamson

Architectural + planning + development consultant

North Parade



Liner building, Falmouth enforcement action over wall