I read with interest in your last weeks paper the developers proposal to build out 2,000 bed development at the top of Treluswell!

When this came up for consideration a few years ago it was turned down flat by the previous Vic Chancellor as now enough student accommodation had been built in and around the Falmouth area, to help take some students away from HMO’s in our town. If only the developer or their representatives would take the time to have consultation with the new VC they I believe would get a similar response.

The strategy I believe for the university is to maintain the number of the students they currently have on campus with some moving to Truro ( Games Academy ) on the Pydar Street development, when built with further students being attracted from oversea’s but studying on-line in their own country and for their degree to be accredited by the Combined University of Cornwall.

Hence ‘no’ need to build out more student accommodation here locally. Even the large student block being built on Kernick Industrial Estate although delayed for occupation last year will subsequently be available for occupation in 2024 which brings on-stream 560 beds!

I’d like for your paper to ask the question of South West Water do they have the capacity to service this new site if built for both water and sewerage? Penryn and Falmouth under their current provision is not coping at present in my view, but it’s for them to answer not me.

Mike Jordan