I have spent some 1-on-1 time with Cherilyn Mackrory, whilst working on the Pendennis headland campaign, and I found Ms Mackrory to be a very warm person.

However, politics is professional and not personal. Ms Mackrory’s refusal to vote, on the privilege committee’s finding that, Boris Johnson, “deliberately misled parliament”, amounts to a dereliction of duty. Our MP’s primary role is to hold the government to account on behalf of those she serves. Through refusing to participate, Ms Mackrory, has abandoned her constituents in favour of supporting a proven liar and disgraced former Prime Minister.

We must move away from party politics and really look at who will truly deliver for the priorities of the people of the Falmouth and Penryn area (as well as for Truro). The Conservatives and their chosen candidate are not up to the job; they have failed and let us down. So, as we move toward a general election, we need to be hearing far more from Labour and the Liberal Democrats; specifically about how they will sort housing and provide services and facilities for our community. Falmouth, in particular, is under relentless attack from the wealthy and the university.

With a gap to be filled fill, who is going to step up for us and truly represent us? Or, will we sleep walk into Labour and Lib Dems splitting the vote and handing a second term to the Conservatives?

It is imperative that we have the right person representing us in Westminster. Putting party politics aside, who is that person? We need to hear loud and clear what they will do to return Falmouth to being a safe and vibrant community with a clear identity, rather than just being a playground for the wealthy and a support hub for the bulging university.