Could a dash of common sense come to the rescue of patients at the Helston Medical Centre sometime soon?

It would appear the practice car park is largely filled with medical and ancillary staff leaving scant space for elderly and infirm community members to access the surgery.   

However, there is an under utilised Council operated pay and display car park just metres away which would serve the staff very well. 

The prohibitive daily cost of a minimum of £6.00 a day makes it financially impractical for the centre staff so presumably they park at the medical centre, and no one should blame them for that.

Is it really beyond the wit of the Council to engage in some compassionate logic and join the dots here?

A heavily discounted rate, which the practice would surely fund, in return for safe and easy access to the many local people who attend that surgery every day is a win-win.  The Medical Centre car park should be available solely for patients, the disabled and emergency vehicles.

Doesn’t the Council exist to work for the community, or have I got that wrong? 

Is a paltry return from an under-utilised car park worth so much inconvenience to so many? 


Helston resident via email.