Re youar article 'Why the council will be looking through your rubbish at the tip'. I read the above article in your paper dated August 30 with great interest.

As someone who has come to Cornwall on holiday for the last 55 years, 30 years of which we have been using holiday let's.

Your article tells of the plan for the council to search locals bags for items that could be recycled.

My thoughts are, at least they are trying to recycle.

In a holiday let, no recycling bags are provided, we have for years saved our recyclables and taken them to bottle/can/plastic/paper bins.

This however seems no longer to be an option, the bins outside the Helston supermarkets are now only for textiles and paper/cardboard, there are no longer bins outside the Lizard or Coverack.

It seems my only choice is to bag everything together in the dustbin !

I have always thought of Cornwall as forward-thinking. I don't want it to become a "rubbish in every layby" county like so many in the Midlands where I am from.

So come on Council, address the real problem, because tearing open the locals' black bags at waste sites can only have a negative effect on people who live in a beautiful county and want to keep it that way.

Dave Ball

Via email