On Friday lunchtime, my wife - in a wheelchair - and I went to the Dracaena Centre for the latest Covid booster jabs.

There was a sizeable queue outside the building (it was thankfully a bright sunny day) and upon enquiry the lady in charge told me that the queue had been suspended because they were soon to run out of vaccine, some two hours plus before the advertised finish time. Come back next Friday was her suggestion.

To my knowledge, this time there has been no alternative place in, or close to, Falmouth to get the vaccine. No Atherton Centre, no surgeries, no pharmacies, no Stithians, just nowhere else.

So why wasn't the Dracaena Centre equipped with sufficient vaccine to cover the brief five hours in the town that vaccinating was planned? To my mind, such under-resourcing for a town of Falmouth's size is very bad planning.

And we have it all to go through again next Friday.

Chris Bickerdike