Has anyone else noticed that the supermarkets, who claim to be helping people save money at this time of high prices, have in fact made everything more expensive for anyone who does not wish to have a ‘loyalty card’?

Sainsburys used to have good offers on products which are now only available with a Nectar Card. Tesco too only offer their generous discounts to customers who have a Tesco Clubcard.

Am I the only person who does not wish to share their name, email address, telephone number etc with – in the case of a Nectar card – Sainsburys, Argos, Habitat, American Express, Eurostar, eBay, British Airways and the Daily Mail, amongst others?

Even if customers are loyal to a supermarket, spending a considerable amount of money with them every week, they are currently being penalised for wishing to maintain some control over the spread of their personal details.

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