After reading a letter in last week’s issue of The Falmouth Packet that was critical of the way the oyster festival was run, I felt very strongly that some points needed to be corrected.

Firstly, as a licensed oysterman from a family that has been on the oyster fishery for five generations, I wholly support the oyster festival and the way it promotes our produce.

I spent the whole weekend of last year’s festival schucking out on the oyster stall with eight to ten other people at times, all going flat out. And I can assure your readers that all the oysters were from the Falmouth estuary.

The three oystermen that were present, including myself, had harvested the whole consignment. This year, the stall again is being supplied by the same source and run by oystermen.

This is a great festival and I hope this letter puts a more positive slant on things.

Tim Vinnicombe, Chairman of The Port of Truro Oyster Protection Association