I WAS very upset to read the decision of Falmouth town council to not support the falafel van in its desire to keep trading.

This is a very important food outlet, which serves the needs of many people wanting interesting, fresh, healthy food – especially those who do not wish to eat animal products.

It in no way competes with any of the retail shops which sell takeaway food, as the falafel van's products are unique. I hope the council will reconsider its decision.

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AFTER reading the article regarding the renewal of the falafel van’s licence to trade outside Remedies nightclub on the Moor, I am amused at the council’s decision.

Apparently other businesses have said the van “was taking their business”. Really? I wasn't aware of any other businesses on the Moor or surrounding streets that sold falafels for takeaway, or that had won an award for doing so either.

Whoever passes the licences obviously favours art galleries, chain cafes and surf shops – of which we have more than we need or can stand.

Again someone needs a gentle shove off their high horse and taking by the shoulders for a good firm shake. This little business is not a threat to anyone and can regularly boast a healthy queue for its healthy and reasonably priced takeaway food.

I really hope that other customers stand up for this small business grown by true business people who have a fantastic and original idea.

Perhaps if one of the councillors stuck their neck out and demanded free or reduced rates for new shop owners in the first year, then we would see more small business owners make the transition from unit/stall/craft fayre and on to the high street.

There is a lovely big shop (Woolworths’ vacant store) that would be a fantastic place to open as an indoor space for small businesses, but of course no one wants to deal with that.

Amanda Shepherd Tuke Close Falmouth