THE arguments against the 74-bedroom Premier Inn for Falmouth appear to be about parking and the competition with local guest houses.

The parking issue is on-going for Falmouth and I am certain that Premier Inn will have done their homework before submitting another scheme.

The objections of existing accommodation businesses are more worrying. Competition is good for consumer choice and ensures that businesses are continually reassessing their product to meet the needs of the 21st century.

That a cartel of businesses should object to competition is risible, as Falmouth needs a range of types of accommodation, including rooms sold as rooms (not tariff per person) and more people coming to our town to spend in restaurants, shops and tourist facilities.

Any town worth its salt has either a Travelodge, Premier Inn or both. Friends and relations of ours have had to pay premium rates, often for outdated accommodation.

We should embrace any move to enhance and increase the accommodation choice in Falmouth. I suspect that a large, silent majority are not against this scheme and a cabal of local businesses should not be able to brow beat the planning authorities into refusing this application.

A C Harrison Grovehill Crescent Falmouth