Falmouth Packet: Packet Skipper

So we come to it at last. With what seems like decades since we had the ability to give the corridors of power at County Hall a good old-fashioned clear out, the time to put an X on the ballot paper has finally arrived.

As increasingly desperate politicans of all political persuasions stuff leaflets through doors and take to the streets to remind us all of just why we should vote for them, I thought a little look at what is fast becoming the hot topics would be time well spent.

First up housing.

So is building tens of thousands of new homes the answer? Well it has not worked so far, and is there a plan for what jobs these people will do, and the infrastructure needs when they get here?

Do you know the truth, not hasty disingenuous statements, about how your preferred candidate feels?

Next are job losses and service slashing at the authority.

Now your pal the Skipper had hoped to bring you the truth behind the 'back of a fag packet' plans for the freeze in council tax.

We have heard the politicians tell us what they want us to think, and we have heard what the council’s experts had to say.

So with “everything” out in the public domain already, why is Cornwall Council refusing to release the emails between officers and top dogs from the Lib Dems and the Tories?

Apparently the Freedom of Information Act request can only be answered on May 3.

How convenient, and deeply cynical, that the law is dependant on the date of an election.

What exactly is hidden in these emails?

The truth of how their public statements tally with what they knew seems to be a truth to far.

Queue frantic action to keep you and I ignorant of the facts we need to make democratic decisions. Shameful.

Over to you fair Cornwall - it is time to put up or shut up, so get out and vote.