Your pal the Skipper is so angry this week I barely know where to start, but Cornwall Council is as good a place as any.

While councils up and down the country have been leaking their NHS STP documents - arguing against these blueprints for dismantling vital services - ours has rolled over and said “thank you.”

This document, which many feel could usher in privatisation through the services entrance, will cut community beds and minor injuries units in favour of preventive medicine and home care. But where, at a time when doctors are being refused training grants and we’re closing our borders to workers, will all these care staff and GPs spring from when we’re already short-handed?

Apparently as housing, employment, and education are key factors in determining physical and mental health, the new NHS plan is that improving these will mean less GP and hospital visits. But as Cornwall faces budget cuts and housing shortages, how is it going to square that particular circle?

There are plans to use an army of pharmacists, therapists and practice nurses. But with tuition fees rocketing ever higher, how will they ever qualify?

At a time when government is accepting that Osborne’s failed austerity budgets mean naught in the face of Brexit induced recession, why is Britain not waking up to the fact it needs to spend - and that means no more penny pinching on our life and death services.