So it’s congratulations for Falmouth and commiserations for Penryn as the latest planning decisions are handed down from Cornwall Council.

Much like a parent choosing their favoured child, the authority’s planning committee has ruled against student flats and luxury homes around Pendennis, while saddling Tremoughdale with a 125-bed development it can’t support.

At least it gives lie to the idea that having councillors on the planning committee makes much difference. Even with Mary May doing her hardest to fight more insidious university growth, a panel of disinterested councillors with no care for Falmouth or Penryn decided to rubber stamp the destruction of another green part of the borough.

It doesn’t seem right that people from as far away as Newquay, St Austell or Fowey can sit in judgement on what’s best for our towns, fingers hovering over the big red planning button like so many little tin-pot Cowells.

On the less gloomy side - again, for Falmouth - if residents support the council then next year control of planning could rest with the town, as the Neighbourhood Plan moves into it’s final phase.

Students, housing, business and leisure will all have their clearly marked spaces, and County Hall will be well out of it.

Well, except for pushing yet more development into Penryn. And Mabe. And Budock... and who knows where else.