Months of waiting will finally be at an end this week as - for better or worse - Cornwall Council is set to decide on the number of students allowed at Penryn Campus.

Planning officers still seem to be running on their own statistics, talking about a “successful travel plan,” and £30,000 of parking contributions - largesse roughly equivalent to three years and four months of fees for just one student.

It would appear the council is dead set on approving this plan, and just hoping the university won’t ride roughshod over any agreement.

There are, I must admit, opportunities - in terms of employment, education, and in-town footfall - but these can only be good if the council will stick to its guns over ensuring a hub-and-rim development and try to keep accommodation and parking on campus. If only that horse hadn’t already bolted.

The university has brought good to Falmouth, but when even the student body is grumbling en-masse about its expansion plans, you have to wonder who can stop this juggernaut?

And if Cornwall Council don’t approve it, will the government force it through regardless?