Well done to the hundreds of people causing a loud yet civilised ruckus on The Moor on Monday night, although what a shame our own domestic politics don’t engender such enthusiasm.

It’s great for a freebooting old salt like myself to see young and old, student and townsman, showing their raucous disdain for America’s new crotch-grabbing, rights-nabbing, Muslim-hating, race-baiting president: reportedly the least popular ever to take office.

There are some who ask what this has to do with Falmouth, but a man who can’t be trusted with Twitter yet has access to the nuclear codes, or who thinks you can calm Islamic extremism by banning peaceful Muslims from travelling, is a threat to us all.

Also, Trump’s being democratically elected doesn’t mean we all lost the right to an opinion - at least not yet.

So I say bravo to the cheerful crowd who gathered on Monday night, placards and all.

Now can you do something about our NHS? Or our housing crisis? And what’s your view on rising bollards?