Sometimes it can be easy for us Cornish to feel far removed from the world’s events, living as we do in such beautiful yet often isolating scenery, but for some of us last Wednesday’s events in Westminster were too close.

There were our Cornish MPs, put into lockdown as a knife wielding madman was gunned down outside. But there were also award-winning staff from Ponsanooth Stores, whose day of happiness turned to terror as they were trapped in the Palace of Westminster for hours.

Yet should we really be bandying the word ‘terrorist’ around so airily? Sure, the police said they were treating it as a terror attack, but officers have yet to find a link to groups such as Al Qaeda or ISIS.

Yes, one of those groups has claimed the attacker as their own, but they will do that with any attack that could help their twisted cause.

Instead of playing into the hands of terrorists by making their plans sound so grand, let’s call this what it is - an attack by a sick and sickening man from Birmingham who once went by the name Adrian. He is not a martyr, he has failed to truly create terror, and if we refuse to give him recognition he should drift into obscurity.

The only way terrorists can win is if they manage to sway our hearts and minds, so instead we should take our cue from Londoners, pick up the pieces and carry on.

If anything, this attack should bring our country closer together.