Local election season is upon us again – except in many parts of Cornwall we won’t need to bother.

Voter apathy appears to be ebbing even lower this year as many towns and parishes can’t even drum up enough candidates to fill a ballot.

Instead, residents will be lumbered with anyone capable of filling in an application – and not disqualified by way of being a bankrupt or foreign.

While Falmouth and Mylor will get to choose their councillors, Penryn and Helston goes to whoever turns up, with vacancies still going for those wishing to apply. Penryn has even declared the election ‘results’ a month early. In Mabe, the parish council hasn’t even seen a ballot box for over a decade now.

Your pal the Skipper wonders how some of these councils manage a quorum - enough people to legitimise a vote - and in Wendron matters will now be run by Cornwall Council.

In an age where everyone cries out for more power to the people, it appears no-one is willing to take the responsibility for delivering it.

If we are not careful we will end up with so few councillors meetings will simply become arguments, rather than discussions. Do we really want to return to the age of small cabals - of increasing dotage - running our towns and villages from the back rooms of local boozers?

Judging from the level of disinterest in our local politics, I fear so.