A GENERAL election eh? What a surprise!

And not just for you and I, but for our current Conservative overlords too.

Sarah Newton in Falmouth admitted she didn’t have an inkling, while Helston MP Derek Thomas was so startled he admitted he can’t be confident in fending off a challenge by former parliamentarian Andrew George. Meanwhile up in Camborne George Eustice was so shocked he took most of the day to muster a two sentence statement.

The element of surprise - considering the Prime Minister has denied time-and-again that she would hold a premature election - seems to be part of the cynical nature of this election announcement. This is 
obviously a ploy to consolidate power while her opposition is in disarray and to legitimise her government at a time of Tory strength, while she simultaneously decries the 48 per cent who didn’t vote for Brexit as the enemy but simultaneously claims the country is united behind her. Winston Smith would be proud.

Is this slapdash approach to government really fair though? The vote-weary public surely don’t desire another poll after a 2015 general election, a 2016 referendum, and local elections in May, and Cornwall’s electoral services can’t be relishing it. 

Meanwhile, while she has given her own MPs little time to prepare, at least they know who they are - many opposition parties haven’t even selected candidates, giving precious little chance to canvas support.