Cornwall has voted, and decided it’s leaders for the next four years, although on Friday afternoon it would have been hard to find out who had won.

Prior to the election, Cornwall Council had promised live online updates as the counts came in from Carn Brea and Wadebridge, they even had a fancy live map which would change colour as different electoral divisions fell to one or other party - Jon Snow eat your heart out.

But this piece of computer flim-flammery was the first thing to fail on Friday, as the council’s website failed spectacularly to keep up with demand from members of public.

In all fairness to them, no-one could have predicted a large volume of traffic on a website offering elections results on the same day as the entire county of Cornwall went to the polls - twice.

The map was an early casualty, but that wasn’t all. Anyone hoping to get to a results page had to click on a ‘live results’ link - and every one time in 30 they might get through, only to be faced by a choice of which ward they wanted to check. Once again, a bitter period of refreshing the page ensued.

Eventually, some bright spark remembered the existence of social media, and results started appearing quickfire over Twitter, only a couple of hours after first being announced. Well done.

At best, Cornwall Council can look at this as a trial run for next month’s general election. I mean, what’s the worst that could happen, really?