Less than a week near the seat of power and already the Conservative party is sowing discord at Cornwall Council.

Despite winning the most seats in recent elections, it seems the Tories can’t find anyone to agree to their draconian terms and form a working majority - a great opportunity for schadenfreude if it wasn’t such a lash up. 

Instead we will probably have a three way struggle, as Lib Dems, Tories and the independent faction all try to form a functioning coalition.

All this is in stark contrast to our louring national elections, where the Conservatives seem likely to win a greater majority.

More than most, the forthcoming general election has stirred up the debate over tactical voting, with some wanting an anyone-but-Tory government.

With recent popular policies, Labour could be regaining some ground, but in places like Falmouth and St Ives could that just water down the natural opposition of the Lib Dems?

Who knows? All I know is that I’m personally sick of the so-called ‘strong and stable’ Mrs May, a tinpot Thatcher with none of the latter’s backbone. People say Corbyn’s weak, but May has cowed her own party, and seems to just be posturing emptily in the face of Brussels facts.

Perhaps he isn’t the best, but last week France voted against Le Pen, in favour of a candidate they don’t necessarily like, but can at least deal with later, through protest or parliament.

Perhaps we can learn from them.